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Trick or Treat - Charming, Manupulative Narcissists

A narcissist will stop at nothing to get what they want – they sincerely believe that their needs should take priority over those of everyone else. They are great at distracting you from your own life, and are happiest when they are draining you of precious energy. While some manipulators are relatively harmless others can inflict wounds that take a long time to heal. With my experience, here our somethings that I have learnt:

  • A narcissist will lie about anything if it means to gain status, attention, or another kind of benefit. Watch out for stories that don’t quite add up, vague answers, and strange statements that cannot possibly be true.

  • Through a mix of shameless self-promotion and a guilt-free, cunning agenda, narcissists are quick to take credit for others’ achievements and blame others for their own failures

  • Because of their ability to accumulate power and influence, narcissists enjoy a prominent spot in laypeople’s views about leadership

  • However, the idea that leaders must be overconfident, charismatic, or selfish in order to be effective is in stark contrast with reality

  • Yes, these help them emerge as leaders, but they are also the cause of their dishonest and incompetent behaviors once they get to the top.

  • Effective leadership requires building high-performing teams and, when it comes to that, the critical ingredients for success are competence rather than confidence, altruism rather than egotism, and integrity rather than charisma.

Take a few minutes each day to tune into your current goals, and to remind yourself of what is most important to you in life. Do not give a narcissist any more attention than is absolutely necessary

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