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Transforming Ideas into Market Successes

  • Gargi's been voted top "Leaders Who Make an Impact" among 50000+ employees during her tenure as in ECOLAB as operations and customer success manager ( FairyGodBoss )

  •  Inspiring and motivational leader spearheading entire gamut of profit centre operations; developing strategies to grow the bottom-line & top-line revenue

  • Gargi started her career as a data analyst, sharpened her project management skills as a TQM leader and went on to become the operations and later customer success manager driving business growth and currently leading the global strategic marketing campaigns

  • The Spark of Innovation : Hailing from a background enriched with a blend of science and commerce, Gargi's journey is one of relentless pursuit of excellence. Her roots in Rourkela, India, known for its rich industrial heritage  ( steel city of Odisha), sowed the seeds for her fascination with the interplay of technology and market forces.

  • Academic and Professional Milestones : Gargi's academic path, crowned with a degree in Chemical Engineering from BPUT University, set the stage for her illustrious career. Her professional saga is a narrative of transformative roles in marketing and strategic planning across the Chemical, Water Treatment, Manufacturing, and Commodity Trading sectors. Her proficiency in leveraging data analytics to drive branding and marketing strategies has been a game-changer in these domains.

  • Philosophies and ApproachCentral to Gargi's ethos is her belief in the power of communication and data-driven insights to forge compelling brand narratives. She approaches each project with a strategic lens, focusing on creating sustainable and impactful market strategies that resonate with both businesses and consumers.

  • Recognitions and Industry ContributionsGargi's innovative strategies and visionary leadership have not only accelerated business growth but also earned her recognition as a thought leader in her field. Her initiatives, particularly in sustainable practices and efficient resource utilization in the Chemical and Water Treatment sectors, have garnered acclaim and set industry standards.

  • A Life Beyond Numbers and StrategiesOutside the boardroom, Gargi is an enthusiast of mindfulness and yoga, which adds a unique perspective to her professional outlook. Her interest in reading books mirrors her professional journey – thoughtful, innovative, and always evolving.

  • She is also an active blogger and loves telling leadership stories.



B.Tech. Chemical Engineering

MBA, Marketing

PGDC, Digital Marketing ( Marketing Analytics, Branding , Corporate Communications)



VIP Coach, Fairygodboss

Mentor, Society of Women Engineers

Product | Digital | Water | Aqua Culture | Dairy | Food & Beverage | Manufacturing | Chemistry


Empathetic Leadership, Project and Operations Management, Digital Marketing, Data Visualisation, Coaching, Talent Acquisition, Business Development and Marketing Analytics 

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