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Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food industry

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food industry. No surprises for guessing that it because of the responsibility of feeding a rapidly growing global population. - As worldwide seafood consumption increases, sustainable aquaculture must ramp up its production to keep pace with demand. It is projected to supply over 60 percent of fish destined for direct human consumption by FAO by the year 2030. - Growth of sustainable aquaculture is imperative to ease out the pressure from wild fisheries populations. However, there are concerns over the potential environmental implications of such expansion. However, has been a lot of innovation and technology developed recently geared toward the longevity and sustainability of the industry. One being Land based recirculating aquaculture systems, also commonly known as RAS. - Land-based RAS is an extremely exciting innovation not only because of the reduction in environmental effects but also because it creates the opportunity for you to take aquaculture any place, including in urban areas. Here is another chance to give back to motherearth and exemplify sustainable food habits to our future generation. #sustainability #innovations

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