Conserving Undersea Life & Ecosystem

Within the aquaculture market, the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology enables the most sustainable, safe, regulated, and traceable environment for the development of fish and seafood.

  • Ironically a third of the world’s oceans are overfished and fish consumption had already reached an all-time high back in 2018. February 2020, A smart floating fish farm was launched in Singapore, equipped with high-tech AI solutions to monitor the water quality, health, and well-being of the fishes.

  • The well-being of fishes seemed like a new term to me when I first read about it, well if the fishes are healthy, free of diseases, and devoid of harmful pollutants that means nutritious fish protein for human consumption.

  • The solution lies in front of us, using membrane technology can be a core of sustainable aquaculture systems. They can not only reduce the usage of freshwater but also help in rejecting harmful byproducts that can be redirected for sustainable hydroponic agricultural units. 100% of the water can be reused.

  • United Nations Sustainable Goal 3 talks about healthy lives and promoting well-being for all of all ages. The goal stresses the importance of ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all.

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