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The power of simplicity: What You can learn from Apple

Simplicity is in Apple’s DNA. Apple just launched its flagship much awaited iPhone 12 series and I suddenly realized that it has been 5 years since I bought my first iPhone ( 6S back in 2015). Well this post is not about the technical aspects and the great innovation that apple brings in each of its products. It is my experience with apple products for the past 5 years.

I have switched between three iPhones since 2015 and every time I did , I was amazed with the level of simplicity Apple brings to the table. The move from fingerprint sensor to the face recognising notch was a master stroke, something which many wrote off as design flaw was later copied by many so called competitors. Many people made fun of the switch from single to dual to three cameras , however soon almost everyone had the same design.

Friends often ask me , why don’t you try another brand or OS , my answer to them has been same for years – I can’t because I am addicted to Apple. Yes , that is true, if you are an apple user, you would know exactly what I am talking about. Apple makes your life simpler, faster, and better. Be it any product – iPhone , iPad, air pods, iMac or Apple watch, I fell in love the moment I started using it. As a consumer, I believe that every penny that I spent on apple products is worth it. And every time I decided to invest my hard earned money on any apple product I was never disappointed. Each of its features are simple yet powerful when you think of them – whether it is UI , cloud storage , camera , gesture recognition & face recognition , AI features or security features. In fact today morning I was asking Siri a meaning of a word and she ended her conversation with a “Thank You and have a great day ahead” Apple has been able to inculcate emotions into an AI engine at a time when humans forget to say the two magical words “Thank You”.

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